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For years my business has involved every facet of furniture restoration. That has changed. I am very skilled at precision wood repairs. That is, your pet chews or scratches a piece of furniture or milwork, any kind of gouge, chip, or cosmetic damage to wood surfaces including water stains etc. Although I have a small shop, most of my work is done on-site at people's homes and/or businesses. Another thing I'm great at is taking tired, old, kitchens and making them look new again (see kitchen renewal section for more detail). I give the original cabinets a major cleaning, make cosmetic repairs, including color restoration and any fading, and lastly, I apply two new coats of finish and poof! Your kitchen is new again! The cost is roughly $3000 to $3500 for an average size kitchen. The same process can be used on bathroom cabinetry as well. This is a tremendous improvement to your home especially if you're planning to sell. I can refurbish your kitchen or bathroom cabinets at fraction of the cost of replacing or refacing them.   


Furniture Doctor was established in 1993 and has been owned and operated by John Curtis ever since. John began exterior house painting in the 70's, and over time evolved into full scale remodeling. He learning technique from highly skilled carpenters over the years and has made a name for himself in the industry as expert in cosmetic restorations and repairs. Prior work experience included interior painting, paper hanging, plaster, nearly every domain of building and carpentry. Furniture Doctor is a business exclusively geared towards furniture restoration, but for 25 years has been enhanced by skills acquired from many trades. Much of the work done today is for large commercial contractors in need of a cosmetic repair due to damage.       

Contact Information

For further questions or estimates please contact John Curtis at cell: 508-439-0271 or business: 508-870-2931

Furniture Doctor is located in  Westoborough, Massachusetts and operates in the shop or on-site within the Massachusetts-New England area.